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How does Sandplay  help?

A basic premise of Sandplay is that the psyche possesses a natural tendency to heal itself, given the proper conditions. Similar to our physical wounds that heal under beneficial conditions, the psyche has an instinctual wisdom that emerges when able to operate naturally.  Sand offers a powerful therapeutic method that facilitates the psyche’s natural capacity for healing.                                                                                                                               –Sandplay Therapists of America

My therapeutic approach is based on the principles of play and healing described by play therapists Margaret Lowenfeld, Dora Kalff, Clark Moustakas and Virginia Axline. This approach suggests that individuals naturally strive for health and wholeness. Sometimes a person develops "blocks" to optimal self development. These "blocks" can be shown in many of our common mental health pathologies: anxiety, oppositional behaviours, etc. When a safe therapeutic environment is offered to the individual, there is an inner drive toward healing. The invitation of playing in the sand, offers the psyche a playful and contained space to work through these blocks. Sandplay is an expressive mode of therapy that is based on the theories of Carl Jung who is best known for his theory on the unconscious.




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