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What is Sandplay?

Sandplay is an expressive type of therapy that uses a child's or adult's natural ability to play.  By playing in the sand they can resolve conflict(s) which is the reason therapy is usually needed. Words are not necessary for this resolution.  The role of the therapist is to hold a free and protected space for the processing by the client. It is within this free and protected space that healing occurs, where the child can experience Self fully and safely. 

What happens in a therapy session?

There are no rules for making Sandpictures. Clients can choose to work in wet or dry sand. Sand may be sprinkled, mounded, sculpted and water can be added to sand that is already dampened. Clients are free to explore the many figurines on the shelves. Clients may position and reposition figurines in the sand and remove those no longer needed. Play may be dynamic in nature. Once a client has completed their creation, it is left for the therapist to deconstruct after the client has left. The therapist will take a photo of the Sandpicture and this becomes part of the client's case file.

What if my child does not want to play in the sand?

Working in the sand is optional for any child coming into therapy. Lack of readiness to play in the sand can help us understand some of a child's struggles. There are alternate therapeutic options available for us to complete the work appropriate for your child's needs.


How do I know if therapy is working for my child?

At the start of therapy, your child may seem to be getting worse, this is to be expected and we will work as a team to manage this stage of therapy.  Then you may notice that your child seems to be "back to themselves": communicating with you more easily, more relaxed. After 3 or 4 sessions we will have an adult only meeting and evaluate how your child is doing at home, school and in therapy. If you are not seeing any changes in your child, we will consider next steps at this time.

Do I need to attend the session?

Yes, you will be part of the session with your child. Many times we need to change some environmental happenings in your child's world. This cannot be done by the child. If a child requests to be seen alone from time to time, this will be respected. 

How do I pay for a session?

You will pay by E-transfer prior to the session. Sessions are billed at 60 minutes with 50 minutes of face-to-face time.  A receipt will be issued following payment. 

Please check with your insurance provider prior to requesting service to see if my service is covered. I am a registered clinical social worker.

What if therapy has ended and my child needs to see you again?

Once therapy has ended, your child will continue to be a client and does not need to go back on the waitlist. As children mature and their brains change they will likely need to return to therapy. Please just contact me and we can consider next steps. 

How do I get my child into therapy with you?

Continue on this site to the "Contact" page and complete the form that is on the page. I do have a waitlist and will connect with you with an appointment offer when your name comes up. I will offer you an appointment time via this site. If I do not hear from you by the expiry time of the offer, then I will offer that slot to the next person on the waitlist. In the event of an urgent need, I can decide to alter this process. 

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